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Like usual, those early era X-Men made it to Sin City in time to save the day, returning to their mansion school headquarters with one of Banner’s gamma-ray devices to revive a languishing Professor Xavier.

But what if they wound up staying the night instead?

Imagine the X-Men lighting out for a night on the town, and taking their various powers for a spin in the gambling capital of the world.

Obviously, mutants with superhuman powers would possess an inherent advantage over the house, and our favorite heroes would never cheat to win.

Even so, it’s still pretty fun to imagine how various mutants from the X-Men universe would apply their particular powers to become unbeatable at their favorite games.

CLICK: Check out our review of formed several alliances of necessity with his old friend Xavier over the years, serving as a de facto X-Man when mutant-kind is truly put in peril.

So if he decided to tag along for the Vegas adventure, naturally Magneto’s first stop would be the roulette table.

In the 2003 film X-MEN, an imprisoned Magneto removes the iron from a man’s blood to form small metal balls, which he then uses to break the bonds of his glass cell.

Those balls bore an uncanny resemblance to those used on a roulette wheel, and considering how adept Magneto was at wielding them in the movie, there’s no doubt he’d apply the same metal-moving ability to land a few “lucky” numbers.

Professor X – Poker Unless he’s been compelled to use the Cerebro machine, Professor Charles Xavier goes to great lengths to avoid turning his immense telepathic powers into an invasion of privacy.

At the poker table, though, the prime objective is to pry out every piece of hidden information about an opponent’s hand.

So if he was able to ignore his moral compass for a few moments, Professor X would easily become the best poker player on the planet.