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(More: How to help) Afghanistan – UNICEF UNIFEM Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission – María de los Ángeles Foundation La Casa del Encuentro ECPAT International

Id=106&group ID=2 Australia – Anti-Slavery Project – Stop the Traffik – Project Respect Bangladesh – Rights Jessore – Save the Children Bangladesh KLIXMGIp I4E/b.6150521/ Brazil – Happy Child – AFESIP Cambodia – Agape International Missions – Chab Dai Child Rights Foundation ECPAT Cambodia Somaly Mam Denmark – Center Mod Menneskehandel (Center Against Human Trafficking) – Hope Now

Page_id=25&langswitch_lang=en DRC – Free the Slaves

Pid=579 – Heartland Alliance – Committee Against Modern Slavery Germany – Ban Ying ECPAT International

Group ID=4&ID=45 Ghana – Not For Sale – Free The Slaves

Pid=449 – Challenging Heights – Restavek Freedom Foundation – Limyè Lavi (Light of Life Foundation), Free the Slaves Partner

Pid=291 – Restavec Freedom Alliance India – Plan India – Free the Slaves – Tronie Foundation – Odanadi Seva Trust – Anti-Slavery – Vidhayak Sansad – Rural Institute for Development – Kandhipuram – Dalit Network – Apne Aap Women Worldwide – Freedom Foundation – Isha L' Isha Ivory Coast – Human Rights Watch – Cavoequiva

Hl=en&sl=fr&tl=en&u= Japan – Polaris Project Japan Liberia – World Hope International Malaysia – CAMSA Nepal – Maiti Nepal – Free The Slaves – Shakti Samuha Saathi Nepal Romania – Not For Sale – ECPAT International/Save the Children Romania

Id=61&group ID=4 Sweden – World Childhood Foundation (Founded by H. Queen Silvia of Sweden) – Human Rights Watch Thailand – Not For Sale – DEPDC – ECPAT International

Group ID=3&ID=83 UK – Unseen(UK) – Friends of Maiti Nepal – Safe Horizon Polaris Project – National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Home Servlet?

Language Country=en_US – Not For Sale – Free the Slaves – Frederick Douglass Family Foundation – CAST LA Vietnam – ECPAT International Action Aid Viet Act – CAMSA Related: How to help – Global organizations – Country-by-country list – Learn signs of trafficking victims | List of hotlines – Explore our parents and educators guide – e-mail The CNN Freedom Project: freedomproject@– More ways to help CNN is joining the fight to end modern-day slavery by shining a spotlight on the horrors of modern-day slavery, amplifying the voices of the victims, highlighting success stories and helping unravel the complicated tangle of criminal enterprises trading in human life.

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